Battlefield 4 Ready to Deploy in Late October

Bullets turn stone into a crumbling mass of debris. Tanks crawl down the streets, while ATVs streak past and a soldier balances on the back rack popping off shots at enemies as they pass. Entire buildings crumble to the ground, as 64 soldiers wage war. These are just some of the sights players will become all-too-familiar with in upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 4, shipping for the PC, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 on October 29, and arriving just a few weeks later on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

When it comes to first-person shooters, the Battlefield series is known for its massive maps, huge firefights, realistic military action and, of course, loads of vehicles turning beautiful environments into twisted, mangled shadows of their former selves.

The first group of online soldiers are sinking their teeth into Battlefield 4 at this very moment, as the game’s closed beta kicked off October 1. Players can ensure fast Internet speed through centurylink or other broadband providers for quick and ceaseless connection. While those players will likely rack up an astronomical number of kills, captured objectives and demolished structures, those figures will pale in comparison to the carnage gamers will wreak on the virtual battlegrounds once the game finally releases in just a few weeks. So what, exactly, can players expect out of Battlefield 4? According to EA and the developers at DICE, the answer is bigger and better combat.

First shots at E3

Members of the public and gaming press finally got their hands on Battlefield 4 at the recent E3 convention hosted out of Los Angeles in June. Visitors to the West hall were immediately greeted by the site of the Battlefield 4 booth upon entering the showroom floor, a massive network of 64 computers running the game and displaying the action on screens for passersby to enjoy.

Game Front’s Devin Connors was among those who took DICE’s new shooter for a test drive and came away thirsty for more. Connors explained many of the changes made to the game, including a Commander Mode that lets one player see the battlefield’s “big picture” and organize troops, new controls for gunning in tanks and a new Frostbite 3 engine that makes the destruction better than ever. After his time with the game, Connors described Battlefield 4 as “exactly what Battlefield fans want,” explaining everything about the game has been tweaked or retooled to make it a better, meaner shooter.

More customization

As any Battlefield vet will tell you, half of the fun comes in the form of customization, giving players the ability to turn their avatars into their ideal soldiers, perfectly designed to account for their own strengths and weaknesses. Joystiq recently dove into Battlefield 4′s expanded weapons customization offerings, explaining there will be a “dizzying array” of options for players to tweak from weapon to weapon. Everything from stocks and barrels, to scopes and secondary attachments have been finagled, allowing players to give their arsenal their own personal flair before using it to mow down the opposition.

Better unlock system

Perhaps the most exciting news for series fans is that DICE has retooled the game’s unlock system in Battlefield 4, telling Polygon they “should be slapped” for how things were handled in Battlefield 3. Rather than start with scraps and struggle to upgrade, this time, the game will offer new players a better selection of starting equipment with a heavier focus on small tweaks being unlocked for better customization along the way.

Get ready for war

As the fight rages in the Battlefield 4 beta, everyone else only has to wait until the end of October before they can dive into the mayhem. Whether you’re planning for an in-store purchase or a Battlefield 4 download, it looks like DICE is striving to provide a military shooter that goes above and beyond the typical yearly iteration of such titles. So suit up, get locked and loaded, and prepare to hit the battlefield once again.

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