Blood of the Werewolf Needs You!

Check out this special message from Indie developer, Than McClure and find out how you can experience this cool title.

Blood of the Werewolf is my love letter to the games that we grew up playing. It doesn’t have the most features and it has little to no marketing budget. What is does have is heart. The game shines propped on its key design pillars of challenge and mastery.

“Eye-catching action platformer”

“I fell in love at once when I got my hands on Blood of the Werewolf.”

“I couldn’t put this game down.”

“We rely on Steam to make money to live on and we need Greenlight Yes votes. We’ve had an awesome percentage of yes’s to date but just not a lot of traffic. If you could please head over to Blood of the Werewolf Greenlight and just click on YES that would be amazing.”

What next? Share the link, show the love, and get ready for a great title. Blood of the Werewolf is already scheduled to ship on Xbox, PS, and Wii U.

To further promote this push Than is offering the game on pre sale for supporters for just $5 on their site, Blood of the Werewolf (the game will be out soon).

Thank you deeply for helping a guy that loves making and sharing games.

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