Games that Show Off the Next Generation Consoles

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are almost a month away from release, which means we’re even closer to the next generation of games as well. Funny enough, the soon-to-be obsolete Xbox 360 and PS3 are enjoying their… Read More

Battlefield 4 Ready to Deploy in Late October

Bullets turn stone into a crumbling mass of debris. Tanks crawl down the streets, while ATVs streak past and a soldier balances on the back rack popping off shots at enemies as they pass. Entire buildings crumble to… Read More

Blood of the Werewolf Needs You!

Check out this special message from Indie developer, Than McClure and find out how you can experience this cool title. Blood of the Werewolf is my love letter to the games that we grew up playing. It doesn’t… Read More

Minecraft Blamed in Weapons at School Case

In the, “you’ve got to be kidding me” section of the news, Minecraft is being blamed for a student’s actions. *sighs* A nine year old, Orlando, FL boy was sentenced to home confinement after he brought “multiple weapons… Read More

Let’s Chat – Flashpoint Paradox

Slaus and I got together on Skype to talk about DC’s latest animated feature, Flashpoint Paradox. What did we think? Digital Distraction: This post is brought to you by the letters: OMG Slaus: and W T F Digitial… Read More

Navy Yard shooting shows need for video game registry, not gun control?

According to the pantheon of wisdom that is Elisabeth Hasslebeck, there must be a link between guys who play lots of video games and the number of mass shootings. Because, you know, video games kill people. Pardon me… Read More

The First Mobile-Only Gaming Community

Gamers talking about gaming is nothing new—gaming communities grow up on official game forums, video game news sites like IGN, gaming specific communities and social media in general. The Entertainment Software Association reports that 36 percent of gamers… Read More