Fruity fun

Athena by Cyclops Vapor is the perfect apple blend in e-liquid form. This vape juice gives you the best of both worlds with its nuanced mix of sweet, ripe red apples and crisp, tart green apples.

With Cyclops Vapor Athena, you will have the best vaping experience. Having a perfect blend of apple, this e-juice is loved by every vape lover. Whether you are fond of green apples or ripe sweet apples, this e-juice is for you as you will get the delicious taste of both the types.

What’s better than mixing the flavors of honeydew melon, tart berries and kiwi? Adding a cool dose of mint leaf to the previous concoction and you have a juiced up E Juice known as The Mint Leaf by Pacha Mama.

Inhaling The Mint Leaf gives you the equally delicious flavors of kiwi and honeydew melon.  It is a fruit mixture that will blow your socks off.  On exhale, you get the hit of the namesake mint leaves and berries to add extra sweetness to the puff.  Oh, and an added bonus, the mint leaves give you a refreshing throat hit.

Kiwi, pineapples, and passionfruit create the base of Cosmic Fog’s Sonrise. Once inhaled, the fruit flavor mixture will take you to the islands and a place where time slows to a crawl and all your worries subside.

Prepare for the sunrise with this delicious blend from the pacific rim. The inhale brings wonderful flavors like kiwi, passion fruit, and pineapple blended together for a perfect concoction. The smooth finish with the exhale can bring other tropic flavors like dragon fruit. If you enjoy the Hawaiian blend, this one is for you.

Dripmore’s Watermelone is an exciting blend of refreshing watermelon mixed with a tasty fruit punch. For such a perfect flavor combo, there is not much to say.

Taste this juicy watermelon flavor with each inhale to remind you of a summer’s day in the shade.  When you exhale get a blast of the perfectly infused blend of fruit punch.  Hawaiian Punch has nothing on this crisp combination.  Let Watermelone be your one choice for the perfect flavor.

If you like watermelon and strawberries, then Ruthless EZ Duz It is the e-liquid for you.  Blending the flavors of these two mouth watering fruits heightens the senses and allows for a huge cloud of vapor.  After you hit it, you may never quit it.

A great thing about this e juice its fruitful flavor that has a cooling effect on the throat. At the time of inhaling, you can taste watermelon flavor. Upon exhaling, you can taste the strawberry flavor. The mixture of strawberry and watermelon will leave a wonderful taste on your tongue. This will not cause any charring sensation that may hurt your throat.

Another tropical fruit medley.  Naked 100’s Green Blast brings together sweet honeydew with the sweet tart taste taste of kiwi along with the beautiful crispness of a Granny Smith Apple.  If you love the mixture of sweet and sour tropical fruits, you will love this vape.

Both inhaling and exhaling the e-liquid will provide a consistent and equally balanced taste of fresh honeydew, kiwi, and granny smith apples. This is a wonderful e juice that will provide just the correct amount of sweetness. The throat hit it delivers will be smooth and subtle. You will not have to bear any irritation, coughing or a burning sensation.

Cucumber Watermelon by Its Pixy is manufactured by your friends at Shijin Vapor. Like its name, this vape mixes refreshing cool cucumbers with mouthwatering juicy watermelon candy.

This premium quality vaping juice is great for satisfying your cravings throughout the day. By inhaling, you can get a strong flavor of delicious watermelon hard candy. Exhaling will bring the taste of cool cucumbers into play. It has a smooth and refreshing throat hit. You will not have to face any irritation, coughing, charring, or burning sensation.

Space Jam Terrasphere blends the tart and tangy flavors of lemon and lime with a juicy cherry to create a flavor that is truly out of this Terrasphere.

This medley of fruit brings back some classic flavors that are sure to win.  Taste sun sweetened cherries that burst over your tongue with each inhale.  Prepare for a citrus burst of lemon and lime that gives a tart finish with the exhale.  Want an extra kick for your vape, Terrasphere is your lifesaver.

Cran Apple by Loaded E Juice is a premium vape flavor manufactured by Ruthless Vapor. This nice all day vape combines tart cranberries with sweet delicious apples for a nice smooth mellow vape.

The loaded cran apple is a unique blend of apple juice infused with cranberries. This perfect combination unites to create an ultimate fruit experience in vaping.  The cranberry taste awakens your buds as you inhale and on exhalation you get the crisp taste of the apple juice that leaves you craving or another vape. It is gentle on the throat with no irritation at all and after exhalation it never gives you the feeling like you want to cough.

Beard Vape Co No. 42 is a delectable assortment of the freshest fruits displayed perfectly mixed in a cup with a helping of whipped cream and a hint of cool menthol. With each breath, you will experience multiple layers of intricate fruit flavors and a nice menthol finish.

Enjoy a delicious flavor of fruits with a dash of whipped cream with the most delicious e-juice Beard Vape Co No 42. The appealing and scrumptious blend of different fruits is surely going to make you a regular consumer of this e-juice.