Games that Show Off the Next Generation Consoles

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are almost a month away from release, which means we’re even closer to the next generation of games as well. Funny enough, the soon-to-be obsolete Xbox 360 and PS3 are enjoying their best year ever with games like GTA V pushing its hardware (and fun factor) to the absolute limit. But now the new consoles are upon us and these are some of the games that skip the “next step” and take a big leap forward.

Quantum Break

The details on this exclusive from Microsoft Studios are thin, but we do know this bullet-time FPS will launch alongside a companion TV show that makes episodes available depending on choices players make in the game. This means each gamer will essentially watch a unique version of Quantum Break tied to their own experience. How is this related to next-gen hardware? It’s not, but if the graphics from the cinematic trailer carry over into the game, it will be a visual treat to play as well as watch.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft made a big impression at E3 with this one. Watch_Dogs gives players access to an open world where nearly everything is online and accessible. Raise street bollards, hack into cameras, tap phones and even bring down an entire electrical grid. The level of freedom in this game is incredible and the graphical detail looks absolutely stunning on the next-generation consoles. Multiplayer will bring its own level of fun too as players can join others’ cities and either assist or disrupt their bidding.

Battlefield 4

The Frostbite 3 engine from Dice brings in-game physics and a destructible environment better than any in the Battlefield series. But the real meat in the next-gen consoles (and PC) will be the 64-player multiplayer capability. Even on the largest maps, 64 players in a single game will be chaotically fun and dish out action from every angle. Couple that with vehicle combat and collapsing skyscrapers, and Battlefield 4 is an FPS that leaves others in the dust.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy might be one of the most recognizable series in gaming, and its fame is equally matched by its ambition to push console hardware to the edge. For its time, the cinematic cut scenes on VII and VIII looked like they were made by Pixar and the in-game graphics and voice acting seemed too good to be true. Final Fantasy XIV (Realm Reborn) brought the MMO experience to the franchise and now XV will take the next step and implement live combat in the otherwise turn-based series. The release date isn’t yet announced and any major details are shrouded, but expect big upgrades from Square Enix with this new hardware.


Bungie may have handed off its revered Halo franchise to 343 Industries — but for good reason. It’s been working on Destiny, the Halo-like epic combining the FPS format we know and love from Bungie combined with the size and scale of an MMO. The playable world spans beyond Earth and crosses the entire solar system, giving gamers new planets and zones to explore alongside what’s sure to be an amazing story arch from this proven developer. Also, Playstation fans rejoice. Destiny is not an Xbox exclusive (even the demo is features on Playstation).

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