Navy Yard shooting shows need for video game registry, not gun control?

According to the pantheon of wisdom that is Elisabeth Hasslebeck, there must be a link between guys who play lots of video games and the number of mass shootings. Because, you know, video games kill people.

Pardon me while I try to pull my eyebrows out of my hair line.

There are lots of times when I read the news and I have to take a pause at the absurdity of some of the assertions. But this crackpot logic falls so far in the category of WTF-ery, I can’t even believe it’s real. But it is!

Why is it that video games are to blame? The fact that someone loves playing video games automatically puts them into the category of needing monitoring? Let’s really look at this.

  • Did every person who played hours and hours of Civilization go off and declare war on other countries?
  • Does every gamer who plays a healer/medic become a physician?
  • Does every Commander Shepherd save the actual galaxy or bring about world peace in reality?
  • Do all GTA players crash cars and dance during the aftermath?
  • Does everyone who enjoys Mario Kart go off on a spree of driving over turtles?

Video games have been studied (with actual science, I know that’s scary for some people) and proven to show many benefits in rate of response, critical thinking, problem solving, and more.

There’s violence in places where people have never touched a game. Those monsters shooting, decapitating, and stabbing people on vidoes for the world to see; are you really saying video games influenced them?

The rise in shootings is a travesty, and the loss of life is horrific. In times like these, many people look for a place to put the blame. I get it. You’re angry. You’re emotional. You’ve got an agenda to push to the masses. But let’s be real here. There are millions of people spending hours playing Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Arma, Counterstrike, and tons of other games involving guns. These people make it through their lives just fine without gunning down a bunch of people, like, ever.

Why did the navy yard shooter kill those people? I have no idea. All I know is, he did it with a freaking shotgun (before arming himself with more weapons once inside), not a controller.

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