The First Mobile-Only Gaming Community

Gamers talking about gaming is nothing new—gaming communities grow up on official game forums, video game news sites like IGN, gaming specific communities and social media in general. The Entertainment Software Association reports that 36 percent of gamers play from their smartphones, making mobile devices a prime choice for a mobile gaming community. First for Gamers is the first mobile-exclusive gaming community app that combines social networking, chat and other features to pull gamers from Web-based communities and into the app space.

What’s Good About First?

First for Gamers has an easy-to-use interface that enables access live chat, content sharing, conversation posts, game subscriptions and other features. The live chat is one of the handiest parts of this app, as it lets you talk with other gamers no matter which game you happen to be playing, as opposed to in-game chat which only works in a specific game. For example, you could be playing hidden object games through one app, your friend could be playing the latest RPG, and you could talk about your respective games.

First also puts an emphasis on community content sharing, whether that’s video content, links or conversations. This increases participation and engagement, which are requirements for a successful gaming community. The subscription service allows you to adjust the signal-to-noise ratio on your home screen, so you only see the types of games that you really want to talk about. This gives you a tailored experience that is customized to your particular wishes, instead of having to look through endless amounts of content that don’t interest you.

Not only is this a good platform for gamers who prefer mobile, it also represents another way for developers to reach out to gamers and find out what they want. The subscriptions enable developers to see what’s popular in the mobile gaming world, and developers can interact directly through conversations to find out what their market demographic feels about upcoming games, changes in their services and other issues.

The Motivations Behind First

Red Robot Labs is the company behind the launch, and interviewed its GM of content and publishing, John Davison, to discover the motivating factors behind releasing a gaming community app instead of launching a mobile-optimized gaming community website. Davison reported that the idea behind creating an app was to bring together mobile gamers in a single space for them to share their thoughts, ideas and content with each other, instead of having them rely on many fragmented community sources.

Another big reason for creating a mobile-specific gaming app was to provide a chat application for mobile users instead of forcing them to use texting or mobile-based instant messengers. Cross-gaming chats help promote and grow a gaming community, since it’s not tied to any specific games, and friends can follow each other throughout all of their game choices.

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