Games that Show Off the Next Generation Consoles

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are almost a month away from release, which means we’re even closer to the next generation of games as well. Funny enough, the soon-to-be obsolete Xbox 360 and PS3 are enjoying their best year ever with games like GTA V pushing its hardware (and fun factor) to the absolute limit. But now the new consoles are upon us and these are some of the games that skip the “next step” and take a big leap forward.

Quantum Break

The details on this exclusive from Microsoft Studios are thin, but we do know this bullet-time FPS will launch alongside a companion TV show that makes episodes available depending on choices players make in the game. This means each gamer will essentially watch a unique version of Quantum Break tied to their own experience. How is this related to next-gen hardware? It’s not, but if the graphics from the cinematic trailer carry over into the game, it will be a visual treat to play as well as watch.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft made a big impression at E3 with this one. Watch_Dogs gives players access to an open world where nearly everything is online and accessible. Raise street bollards, hack into cameras, tap phones and even bring down an entire electrical grid. The level of freedom in this game is incredible and the graphical detail looks absolutely stunning on the next-generation consoles. Multiplayer will bring its own level of fun too as players can join others’ cities and either assist or disrupt their bidding.

Battlefield 4

The Frostbite 3 engine from Dice brings in-game physics and a destructible environment better than any in the Battlefield series. But the real meat in the next-gen consoles (and PC) will be the 64-player multiplayer capability. Even on the largest maps, 64 players in a single game will be chaotically fun and dish out action from every angle. Couple that with vehicle combat and collapsing skyscrapers, and Battlefield 4 is an FPS that leaves others in the dust.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy might be one of the most recognizable series in gaming, and its fame is equally matched by its ambition to push console hardware to the edge. For its time, the cinematic cut scenes on VII and VIII looked like they were made by Pixar and the in-game graphics and voice acting seemed too good to be true. Final Fantasy XIV (Realm Reborn) brought the MMO experience to the franchise and now XV will take the next step and implement live combat in the otherwise turn-based series. The release date isn’t yet announced and any major details are shrouded, but expect big upgrades from Square Enix with this new hardware.


Bungie may have handed off its revered Halo franchise to 343 Industries — but for good reason. It’s been working on Destiny, the Halo-like epic combining the FPS format we know and love from Bungie combined with the size and scale of an MMO. The playable world spans beyond Earth and crosses the entire solar system, giving gamers new planets and zones to explore alongside what’s sure to be an amazing story arch from this proven developer. Also, Playstation fans rejoice. Destiny is not an Xbox exclusive (even the demo is features on Playstation).

Battlefield 4 Ready to Deploy in Late October

Bullets turn stone into a crumbling mass of debris. Tanks crawl down the streets, while ATVs streak past and a soldier balances on the back rack popping off shots at enemies as they pass. Entire buildings crumble to the ground, as 64 soldiers wage war. These are just some of the sights players will become all-too-familiar with in upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 4, shipping for the PC, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 on October 29, and arriving just a few weeks later on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

When it comes to first-person shooters, the Battlefield series is known for its massive maps, huge firefights, realistic military action and, of course, loads of vehicles turning beautiful environments into twisted, mangled shadows of their former selves.

The first group of online soldiers are sinking their teeth into Battlefield 4 at this very moment, as the game’s closed beta kicked off October 1. Players can ensure fast Internet speed through centurylink or other broadband providers for quick and ceaseless connection. While those players will likely rack up an astronomical number of kills, captured objectives and demolished structures, those figures will pale in comparison to the carnage gamers will wreak on the virtual battlegrounds once the game finally releases in just a few weeks. So what, exactly, can players expect out of Battlefield 4? According to EA and the developers at DICE, the answer is bigger and better combat.

First shots at E3

Members of the public and gaming press finally got their hands on Battlefield 4 at the recent E3 convention hosted out of Los Angeles in June. Visitors to the West hall were immediately greeted by the site of the Battlefield 4 booth upon entering the showroom floor, a massive network of 64 computers running the game and displaying the action on screens for passersby to enjoy.

Game Front’s Devin Connors was among those who took DICE’s new shooter for a test drive and came away thirsty for more. Connors explained many of the changes made to the game, including a Commander Mode that lets one player see the battlefield’s “big picture” and organize troops, new controls for gunning in tanks and a new Frostbite 3 engine that makes the destruction better than ever. After his time with the game, Connors described Battlefield 4 as “exactly what Battlefield fans want,” explaining everything about the game has been tweaked or retooled to make it a better, meaner shooter.

More customization

As any Battlefield vet will tell you, half of the fun comes in the form of customization, giving players the ability to turn their avatars into their ideal soldiers, perfectly designed to account for their own strengths and weaknesses. Joystiq recently dove into Battlefield 4′s expanded weapons customization offerings, explaining there will be a “dizzying array” of options for players to tweak from weapon to weapon. Everything from stocks and barrels, to scopes and secondary attachments have been finagled, allowing players to give their arsenal their own personal flair before using it to mow down the opposition.

Better unlock system

Perhaps the most exciting news for series fans is that DICE has retooled the game’s unlock system in Battlefield 4, telling Polygon they “should be slapped” for how things were handled in Battlefield 3. Rather than start with scraps and struggle to upgrade, this time, the game will offer new players a better selection of starting equipment with a heavier focus on small tweaks being unlocked for better customization along the way.

Get ready for war

As the fight rages in the Battlefield 4 beta, everyone else only has to wait until the end of October before they can dive into the mayhem. Whether you’re planning for an in-store purchase or a Battlefield 4 download, it looks like DICE is striving to provide a military shooter that goes above and beyond the typical yearly iteration of such titles. So suit up, get locked and loaded, and prepare to hit the battlefield once again.

Blood of the Werewolf Needs You!

Check out this special message from Indie developer, Than McClure and find out how you can experience this cool title.

Blood of the Werewolf is my love letter to the games that we grew up playing. It doesn’t have the most features and it has little to no marketing budget. What is does have is heart. The game shines propped on its key design pillars of challenge and mastery.

“Eye-catching action platformer”

“I fell in love at once when I got my hands on Blood of the Werewolf.”

“I couldn’t put this game down.”

“We rely on Steam to make money to live on and we need Greenlight Yes votes. We’ve had an awesome percentage of yes’s to date but just not a lot of traffic. If you could please head over to Blood of the Werewolf Greenlight and just click on YES that would be amazing.”

What next? Share the link, show the love, and get ready for a great title. Blood of the Werewolf is already scheduled to ship on Xbox, PS, and Wii U.

To further promote this push Than is offering the game on pre sale for supporters for just $5 on their site, Blood of the Werewolf (the game will be out soon).

Thank you deeply for helping a guy that loves making and sharing games.

Minecraft Blamed in Weapons at School Case

In the, “you’ve got to be kidding me” section of the news, Minecraft is being blamed for a student’s actions.


A nine year old, Orlando, FL boy was sentenced to home confinement after he brought “multiple weapons to school.” What were these weapons?

  • An unloaded handgun
  • A magazine with 6 bullets inside
  • A steak knife
  • A small handled sledge hammer

“The boy’s father said he was playing a character he learned from the video game Minecraft,” WFTV reports.

“They use hammers to dig and knives and guns to protect themselves from zombies,” he said, according to the station.

WFTV reported that his father said “he was just acting out the game” and that the gun could never be fired, because it’s firing pin had been removed.

So let me get this straight. Your son had access to a gun and a magazine with ammo inside, but Minecraft is to blame?

There are no guns in Minecraft unless you mod the crap out of it. And– Hold on…

Did this grown man say they use hammers to dig?

I’m done. What are you thoughts?

Let’s Chat – Flashpoint Paradox

Slaus and I got together on Skype to talk about DC’s latest animated feature, Flashpoint Paradox. What did we think?

Digital Distraction: This post is brought to you by the letters: OMG

Slaus: and W T F

Digitial Distraction: Indeed.

Digitial Distraction: Let’s jump right in. The thing that gets you about Flashpoint Paradox is the way the movie starts out. Everything is calm, harmless, innocent, average. They fool you into thinking, “Oh, it’s going to be another one of those movies. The villains band together and chicanery ensues.” Nope.

Slaus: You start watching that movie and if you have seen any other DC movies, you think everything is going to be the same. Intro, introduction to scene which will be important later involving the villain, cue to heroes origin…rinse and repeat

Slaus: NOT this.

Slaus: I will admit to being pretty distracted in the beginning by the artwork..which i hated.

Digitial Distraction: The artwork… I have never seen a Superman look so mutated. And who the frick manages to make Wonder Woman look matronly?

Slaus: Yeah the artwork seemed way to exaggerated for my tastes, but.. it is what it is.

Digitial Distraction: And the villains? Ha! Man, you’d better watch your back when the heroes show up!

Slaus: I would have rather apocalypse showed up….

Slaus: I was not ready

Slaus: It would have been better if Darkseid showed up in a van with painted windows that said: FREE candy, on the side, and it left a trail of blood n screams as it drove off… I WOULD HAVE BEEN PREPARED FOR THAT!

Digitial Distraction: I would have been prepared for anything except what was shown. Everything I believed was a lie. Those heroes have the ancient spirits of evil inside them.

Slaus: Look…let’s put it out there.. in this story?? I was afraid of Aquaman… WHO fears Aquaman!!!

Digitial Distraction: That was priceless! Aquaman was never “threatening.” In this movie… you’d better take cover on a mountain somewhere. Do not let that fishy man find you. And Aqualad? Good gawd!

Slaus: Ok.. I cheered when I saw Aqualad… until he started doing things and stuff that revolved around slicing people open and canceling their christmas!!!

Digitial Distraction: Hahaha!

Slaus: I think that was the point things really started kicking in that….. ish just got real

Slaus: AND that was at the beginning!!

Digitial Distraction: Aqualad is known for his cool head. In this movie, Aqualad is like a Vulcan. He feels nothing. He kills without hesitation. He’s a freaking water ninja. Have my babies!

Slaus: And I don’t think he ever said a word!! all he did was murder death!

Digitial Distraction: Manta Ray shows up and just wrecks shop, while fighting along side Aqulad!


Digitial Distraction: I know!

Slaus: Ok but can we back it up for a second!!!??? Batman…

Slaus: Were you ready for that!!??

Digitial Distraction: There was really no warning. First of all. Batman is scaling rooftops, firing pistols.

Digitial Distraction: Full stop. PISTOLS!

Slaus: I”m trying not to give any spoilers here but….. SHEEEESH… BATMAN!

Slaus: GUNS!!

Digitial Distraction: When you see Batman shooting at people, you know it’s really real.

Slaus: He pulled guns from places i didn’t think guns could be stored.

Slaus: You know ish is 5 steps beyond real and once again… that was in the first quarter of the movie.

Digitial Distraction: Batman’s utility belt holds a plethora of devices and objects. Not here. In this movie, that belt holds guns, guns, ammo, and more guns.

Slaus: You forgot more guns.

Slaus: His guns had guns.

Digitial Distraction: And he just threw a broad off a building. No hesitation.

Slaus: This movie was so amazing.. there was just so much… STUFF… and the stuff yielded more crazy stuff!!

Slaus: It’s so hard to discuss this without spoiling it. So hard. But to put it in perspective for the people out there? In this movie.. I was terrified of Aquaman and wonder woman

Digitial Distraction: I guess we start with, forget everything you think you know about the Justice League.

Slaus: Aquaman.. who is always a passing joke.

Slaus: And Wonder Woman…whom I usually only think about in every carnal way possible.

Slaus: They scared me.

Digitial Distraction: This isn’t Wonder Woman; this is Queen Diana. Queen Diana is not the person you want on your bad side.

Slaus: I needed to be held.

Slaus: She slowly hung someone… someone who in our timeline.. was a friend!!

Digitial Distraction: Queen Diana is a billion times worse than Jason. Jason Vorhees will walk you down. Diana will fly up on you and jack you up. Super strength, flies, magic lasso, and in a permanent IDGAF mood. The people of Themiscara and the merfolk don’t give two flying figs about humanity. Diana did things that left me questioning all my comic book beliefs. Every one.

Slaus: Every… last one.

Slaus: Ok, we’re forgetting one thing though.. this story is about the Flash.

Slaus: And how he affected the world and must try to change it back.

Slaus: But… even with that being the main point… EVERYTHING ELSE somehow is so dramatic and…. deadly…and horrid that… you forget what’s really supposed to be going on. BUT it is so awful that you can’t stop thinking… SOMEONE has to STOP THIS.

Digitial Distraction: It’s about him, but the beauty is in how he’s not the thing you focus on for the majority of the movie. You will find yourself so speechless at times, you forget he’s who we’re here to see.

Digitial Distraction: I have to admit, the Flash showed some serious guts with what he went through.

Digitial Distraction: He endure some ordeals, and keeps coming back.

Slaus: LIKE A soldier. I have new respect for Barry after watching this.

Slaus: Yeah because if I was him? I would have just cried in the corner.

Digitial Distraction: Indeed.

Slaus: Because let me tell you… after that one “thing” and what ended up happening to him in trying to recreate what created the Flash?? OUCH.

Digitial Distraction: Yes. Yes. Yes. I was done. That would have been the end of the world if I was in his place

Slaus: I would have just taken the 0 on that assignment.

Slaus: This was a story with our favorite heroes like you TRULY have never seen them before. That’s not cliche or hype… it is the truth.

Digitial Distraction: Flash’s initial experience with Batman wasn’t cool either.

Slaus: Not not at all…

Digitial Distraction: You don’t expect your heroes to be like this, but it totally works here.

Slaus: For anyone out there who considers themselves even remotely a fan, they need to watch this. In my opinion, it’s the best dc animated movie yet. which says alot because DC animated movies are amazing

Digitial Distraction: Before we go any further, I have to tell you, when you see Superman, just… just try to run.

Slaus: Oh man.. for serious.

Digitial Distraction: This is not the Superman you love/hate/think is boring.

Digitial Distraction: I enjoyed this portrayal. It made so much sense.

Slaus: Much more sense in my opinion.

Slaus: And you know me.. I despise Superman.. and even I liked him here.

Digitial Distraction: This isn’t a spoiler. People will die. Lots of them. Do not, DO NOT watch this with your kids.

Slaus: Omg… do not watch with your kids!!! There are things that will happen that you are not ready to explain.

Slaus: What wonder woman did???? One of the most vile acts I’ve seen in a movie. Animated or not.

Slaus: I literally cringed

Digitial Distraction: Diana does a few things that will leave your jaw dropping.

Slaus: I actually gasped. I was simply not ready… for any of it.

Slaus: But, I stayed for the entire ride, and at the end…. so worth it.

Slaus: I had feels at the end… like… hand me the Kleenex brand tissue in order to help me with these feels.

Digitial Distraction: It really was worth it. Think of this movie as one of the best “what if” graphic novels, only animated.

Slaus: I need to actually own the graphic novel this is from now.

Digitial Distraction: Yes, you must get it.

Slaus: I want to go watch it again but… i don’t want nightmares.

Digitial Distraction: You watch this, and your thoughts about certain characters are forever altered. There is a huge capacity for madness in these people. The smallest of sparks sets it off.

Slaus: Honestly, this is the realest I’ve ever felt these characters.

Slaus: They felt so… human.

Slaus: And that’s not a good thing.

Digitial Distraction: Especially Superman, and he wasn’t the main focus.

Digitial Distraction: This was the first time I genuinely felt something for him. His situation was dealt with in the exact way I’d picture the government would handling him.

Slaus: Oh for sure.. I felt Bad for superman.. and I HATE SUPERMAN.

Slaus: That’s how good this movie was.

Digitial Distraction: And let’s not forget about Cyborg. He’s the guy you need in your corner.

Slaus: He is the soldier. He is the guy you want at your back.

Slaus: His character was so amazing.

Slaus: : sniff sniff ::

Digitial Distraction: None of that comic relief from Teen Titans. This is a different Cyborg.

Slaus: This is a man… a man on a mission.. a man with duty honor and focus. a man with a job to do at all costs.

Digitial Distraction: In this world, Cyborg is like the glue, trying hard to hold everything together. He has integrity, he has a ton of responsibility, and he is relentless. He never gives up. Aw man… This movie was so well done. I need a hug and another title to look forward to.

Slaus: After this, I don’t trust DC any longer.

Digitial Distraction: Ha!

Slaus: I wont watch any more of their movies without an adult present.

Digital Distraction: You always need an adult present, regardless.

Slaus: And a blanket.

Slaus: And some zoloft.

Slaus: Sheesh

Digitial Distraction: *snickering*

Slaus: I don’t know how they could top this. but then again I said the same after Red Hood.

Digitial Distraction: And Red Hood was great!

Slaus: I’ll put it out there… this was as good or better than Red Hood.

Slaus: Just my opinion… but it was that good.

Digitial Distraction: I think the thing that makes these movies great is the genuine emotion tied in with great story telling. There’s none of the “DC formula” you mentioned. This is chaos, and how some heroes cope and in some cases, don’t cope with the things going on around them.

Slaus: So well said

Digitial Distraction: They can’t respond in their normal noble ways. They’re more like instinctual, gut reaction live wires.

Slaus: Backed in a corner.

Digital Distraction: With super powers.

Slaus: Look… if your readers aren’t planning to pick up this movie on the way home tonight, RIGHT NOW, I don’t know what they are doing with their lives.

Digitial Distraction: DC is doing something really smart. They’re taking our expectations of heroic behavior, and throwing them out the window. Instead, they’re giving us something raw and gritty and they laugh at us while chanting, “Deal with it!”

Slaus: Hahahahah.

Slaus: So true.

Slaus: That movie should have come with $1 off tissue… and a number to a good therapist.

Digitial Distraction: Hahaha!

Digitial Distraction: Do not sleep on this title! It isn’t what you expect, it’s entertaining, and it’s brutal. EVEN LOIS LANE PACKED HEAT!

Slaus: Bet not bring your kiiiiiiiids.

Digitial Distraction: I will say this, Cerberus and minotaurs show up. This movie. Has. It. All.

Digitial Distraction: It’s like Michael Bay had an animated wet dream.

Slaus: And a few lines of coke.

Digitial Distraction: And then called John Wu to laugh about it.

Slaus: And a sadistic desire to just F our childhoods up.

Slaus: I’ll never look at underoos the same.

Digitial Distraction: Hahaha, your kids will have no idea why you rock back and forth when you pass the super hero underwear in Target.

Slaus: I think my wife found me flicking the lights on and off in the shower..fully clothed…clutching a batarang.

Digitial Distraction: Get gone! *hollering*

Slaus: “It’ll be ok, Bruce… it’ll be ok …”

Digitial Distraction: *sad face*

Slaus: ” ::sobs:: I…I am the NIGHT!’

Digitial Distraction: Noooo! You will not drag me down with you, ya bastid!

Slaus: hhahahahahahaha

Slaus: I can’t wait till your readers watch it, hell.

Slaus: If I HAD to endure it, they have to also.

Slaus: My emotions!!!

Digitial Distraction: I experienced this movie. I didn’t just watch it. It was almost interactive. There were so many times I spoke to the television. “Aww dag. She did not just… WTF? W T F? Wow! Are you serious? I need a drink.”

Slaus: lmao and you don’t drink.

Slaus: :: rolllling ::

Digitial Distraction: Exactly!


Slaus: Quit playing!

Digitial Distraction: Flashpoint Paradox is available on Netflix. GET SOME, and tell us what you think. A special thank you to Slaus for joining me!

Navy Yard shooting shows need for video game registry, not gun control?

According to the pantheon of wisdom that is Elisabeth Hasslebeck, there must be a link between guys who play lots of video games and the number of mass shootings. Because, you know, video games kill people.

Pardon me while I try to pull my eyebrows out of my hair line.

There are lots of times when I read the news and I have to take a pause at the absurdity of some of the assertions. But this crackpot logic falls so far in the category of WTF-ery, I can’t even believe it’s real. But it is!

Why is it that video games are to blame? The fact that someone loves playing video games automatically puts them into the category of needing monitoring? Let’s really look at this.

  • Did every person who played hours and hours of Civilization go off and declare war on other countries?
  • Does every gamer who plays a healer/medic become a physician?
  • Does every Commander Shepherd save the actual galaxy or bring about world peace in reality?
  • Do all GTA players crash cars and dance during the aftermath?
  • Does everyone who enjoys Mario Kart go off on a spree of driving over turtles?

Video games have been studied (with actual science, I know that’s scary for some people) and proven to show many benefits in rate of response, critical thinking, problem solving, and more.

There’s violence in places where people have never touched a game. Those monsters shooting, decapitating, and stabbing people on vidoes for the world to see; are you really saying video games influenced them?

The rise in shootings is a travesty, and the loss of life is horrific. In times like these, many people look for a place to put the blame. I get it. You’re angry. You’re emotional. You’ve got an agenda to push to the masses. But let’s be real here. There are millions of people spending hours playing Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Arma, Counterstrike, and tons of other games involving guns. These people make it through their lives just fine without gunning down a bunch of people, like, ever.

Why did the navy yard shooter kill those people? I have no idea. All I know is, he did it with a freaking shotgun (before arming himself with more weapons once inside), not a controller.

The First Mobile-Only Gaming Community

Gamers talking about gaming is nothing new—gaming communities grow up on official game forums, video game news sites like IGN, gaming specific communities and social media in general. The Entertainment Software Association reports that 36 percent of gamers play from their smartphones, making mobile devices a prime choice for a mobile gaming community. First for Gamers is the first mobile-exclusive gaming community app that combines social networking, chat and other features to pull gamers from Web-based communities and into the app space.

What’s Good About First?

First for Gamers has an easy-to-use interface that enables access live chat, content sharing, conversation posts, game subscriptions and other features. The live chat is one of the handiest parts of this app, as it lets you talk with other gamers no matter which game you happen to be playing, as opposed to in-game chat which only works in a specific game. For example, you could be playing hidden object games through one app, your friend could be playing the latest RPG, and you could talk about your respective games.

First also puts an emphasis on community content sharing, whether that’s video content, links or conversations. This increases participation and engagement, which are requirements for a successful gaming community. The subscription service allows you to adjust the signal-to-noise ratio on your home screen, so you only see the types of games that you really want to talk about. This gives you a tailored experience that is customized to your particular wishes, instead of having to look through endless amounts of content that don’t interest you.

Not only is this a good platform for gamers who prefer mobile, it also represents another way for developers to reach out to gamers and find out what they want. The subscriptions enable developers to see what’s popular in the mobile gaming world, and developers can interact directly through conversations to find out what their market demographic feels about upcoming games, changes in their services and other issues.

The Motivations Behind First

Red Robot Labs is the company behind the launch, and interviewed its GM of content and publishing, John Davison, to discover the motivating factors behind releasing a gaming community app instead of launching a mobile-optimized gaming community website. Davison reported that the idea behind creating an app was to bring together mobile gamers in a single space for them to share their thoughts, ideas and content with each other, instead of having them rely on many fragmented community sources.

Another big reason for creating a mobile-specific gaming app was to provide a chat application for mobile users instead of forcing them to use texting or mobile-based instant messengers. Cross-gaming chats help promote and grow a gaming community, since it’s not tied to any specific games, and friends can follow each other throughout all of their game choices.