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Gamers talking about gaming is nothing new—gaming communities grow up on official game forums, video game news sites like IGN, gaming specific communities and social media in general. The Entertainment Software Association reports that 36 percent of gamers play from their smartphones, making mobile devices a prime choice for a mobile gaming community. First for Gamers is the first mobile-exclusive gaming community app that combines social networking, chat and other features to pull gamers from Web-based communities and into the app space.

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Fallout Graphic

Get your hands on 3 Fallout titles for the PC or Mac.

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GTA Wii U Funny 12-10-13


I was not ready for the robot mob.

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Xbox Congratulations 11-15-13

While the rabid fans have chosen sides and are doing their utmost to fling virtual poop at one another, Microsoft sent a message to Sony that shows not only class, but respect.

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No time to explain, get in the car.

Don’t you just love how nothing phases batman?

A random elephant just fell from the sky and landed next to a giraffe. Batman is calm. “Whatevs. Drive safe.”

Call of Duty Ghosts Funny 10-26-13

Xbox One and PS4

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 are almost a month away from release, which means we’re even closer to the next generation of games as well. Funny enough, the soon-to-be obsolete Xbox 360 and PS3 are enjoying their best year ever with games like GTA V pushing its hardware (and fun factor) to the absolute limit. But now the new consoles are upon us and these are some of the games that skip the “next step” and take a big leap forward.

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Minecraft Creeper Meme 10-21-13


Two more weeks until Battlefield 4. What can we look forward to?

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